LoopIt! (basic)

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音乐 教育
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”LoopIt!“ is a tiny tool especially designed for musicians. It allows you to use songs from your iPod library (mp3, aif, a4f, wav) and learn how to play them by continuously repeating certain parts of the song. You can define and store multiple loops per song for example “verse 1“, “bridge“ or “solo“ and switch between these parts without interrupting playback which is great for exercising. Furthermore “LoopIt!” helps you in “cheating” too. You can transpose a song up and down (pitch shifting of 1 semitone to 5 semitones) without affecting the playback speed. For your personal training purposes you can reduce playback speed (time stretching up to 50%) without affecting the songs pitch. Cheating is handled in realtime. As realtime cheating is a CPU intensive process LoopIt supports usage of pre-calculated cheats (reduces CPU usage by aprox 70%) to conserve your battery. "LoopIt" stores all your settings (cheats and loops) per Song so you can easily switch between songs or continue your exercise at a later point in time.

"LoopIt! (adv)" supports three different play modes:
1) continuously play a song
2) just play one section (single loop)
3) play different sections in one "big" loop

You can switch between these different play modes / loops anytime without interrupting playback.

"LoopIt!" is easy and comfortable to use and provides optimized views for landscape and portrait orientation. A "Tap tempo" dialog helps you to detect a songs tempo in BPM by simply tapping the beat according to the music. The basic version supports 100 projects, unlimited cheats and loops (depending on the devices available memory).

You can download a comprehensive user manual from our website for free or follow "LoopIt!" on twitter "@ios-loopit".

Please see the Advanced version if you need more functions like import/export, sending loops by bluetooth and improved tempo tapping (screen shot shows advanced version)". Note that the basic version is capable of receiving Loops send via bluetooth.

Tested with iOS 4.2 and iOS 5.1.1

Give us feedback and tell us which features you want to see in the next version by voting! See the feature poll on our WebSite http://www.threeoldcoders.de/projects/ios/loopit